Learning is Easy! Soft skills - success in the future?

Learning made fun,
interesting and easy!

What we do

Modern technology makes learning singly, interesting, and easy!

Kids can learn without any help

Our method allows children to learn on their own. Students gain knowledge by watching video lessons, completing assignments and subsequently using video conferences to consolidate their work with other students of the school. The parent can track the progress and adjust the curriculum.

Modern education is becoming more efficient

We teach such useful skills as: Problem Solving, Motivation, Logic, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Creativity and other skills that will help them achieve success in all endeavors. Children like it, they are interested, they are not bored!

Motivation and self-confidence are the keys for success

At school we are NOT taught how to make a good first impression, how to look good, or what skills are needed to successfully build a career or business. However, it is exactly what determines whether a person will be successful or not. Therefore, we teach our students how to achieve their goals.

The learning process

Our lessons begin with watching a video and then children has a practice lesson by video call. This allows them to communicate, work as a team, negotiate and develop together. Imagine, children from all over the world will unite, get acquainted, exchange ideas, share knowledge. Children will learn from each other.

Popular Courses

We only create courses that you will need in real life
This makes our lessons popular, interesting, and effective. They allow students to learn applicable skills easily and in a fun way. Which ones will you choose?
First impression
How to impress your new friend? How to become a confident person? What does the interlocutor pay attention when he first sees you? See all this in our tutorial!
Inspirational Biographies
"Motivation" - In the course we will tell you how to become successful. But we will also tell great peoples stories, their success stories and we will learn from the best!
Financial literacy is vital in modern life. You will learn how money works, why it has value, and how to make it your friend.
Electric Cars
How do electric cars work? How do they differ from fossil-fuel powered cars? What are the advantages? What prospects does this open up in auto production?
Proper Nutrition
Proper nutrition is the basis of health. What might happen if you do not eat healthily What foods combine well? What food should be avoided? What food should be eaten regularly?
Your First investments
What is Investment and how to make money work for you ?! This course will teach you the basics of investing and tell you about young and successful investors, as well as tell you how to be careful on market.
Power and Water
How do water and electricity come in our homes? What did the first communications were look like? Peoples who made our life more comfortable? All this You will find in our ecology course !
Geography and facts about Germany. Learn about the culture and history of one of the most important counties in modern history.
Come learn why reading books is a must, how to read quickly and efficiently, and how to choose useful books.
Now we are experiencing a new round of the space race! But do you know how the rocket flight began? Our heroes will tell you all about this!

More and more people are convinced of the benefits of online education. Read testimonials from our actual customers and students.

We decided to learn geography on this platform. My son enjoys it, and he has already improved his grades. If I had been taught like this in childhood, I would not have received such poor grades in geography!
Father of 8th-grade boy
I decided to learn more about financial literacy because I don’t learn how to handle money at school and it will help me in my life. Learning here is quick and easy. It's cool that everything is online and you can watch it on your smartphone!
High school student
It's hard to get my daughter to study. Sometimes it seems that her modern brain is simply protesting against the modern education system. These lessons really saved our relationship! Now she is interested in studying in school and at home!
Mother of 12-year-old girl